Client Testimonials

“Have had many opportunities to work with Jack in the field and with his product in the edit room. His efforts are always professional, but what I appreciate the most about Jack are his collaborative ideas and his eagerness to make each job go as smoothly as possible.”

David Spungen
CBS News

"Jack's wide-ranging experience really sets him apart. He's done it all, and often; and that means he's ready for pretty much any situation we find ourselves in. He's wonderful with talent... often, in our case, CEO's and medical experts... and he shows great attention to detail; but his instincts and experience stand out most for us."

Walter Schoenknecht

Midnight Media Group, Inc.

"I've been editing film and video for nearly 30 years and have seen my share of good and bad material to work with. There's a reason to work with someone who delivers a superior product. Jack Neu delivers. Editing the hundreds of hours
of footage for the Emeril's Florida series on The Cooking Channel proved to me that Jack knows what he's doing. There were many obstacles in shooting this series, but Jack overcame them all and when it mattered, he delivered."

Greg Metcalfe
Owner/Editor - Sawmill Productions

"Jack Neu is not only an incredible audio technician, he is a great guy -- and a great asset to have on any set. He can easily interact with characters and increases the comfort
level in the room. And he is a hard worker -- and a perfectionist when it comes to creating an environment for the best sound. He truly adds to a shoot in every way."

Jenna Jackson
Founder, P+R Productions



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